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Lindsay Zimmatic Irrigators

Authorized Lindsay Zimmatic Center Pivot Irrigation Systems Dealer

If you are looking for a professionally designed irrigation system that will service your crops as well as possible, we would be honored to work for you. Nowhere in the Lakes Area will you find a more dedicated and experienced staff than ours, and the quality of our equipment matches our enthusiasm.

We specialize in Lindsay Corporation’s Zimmatic center pivot irrigation systems. Zimmatic’s reliable pumps, durable structures, thick pipes, and fast drivelines translate to long-lasting value for the farmers who own them. Zimmatic caters to all with optional non-powered irrigation technology, and their mobile pivots are ideal for farmers who wish to get the most from smaller plots. Whatever the size your project may be, we have the right irrigation solution for it.

If you own any competitor’s irrigation system, we will convert it to a Zimmatic to save you time and money. We service both submersible and turbine pumps as well.

FieldNET by Lindsay

FieldNET Pivot Watch is a cost-effective way to keep an eye on your pivot operation no matter where you are – 24/7, 365 days a year. Easy to install and solar-powered, FieldNET Pivot Watch works with any brand of pivot from any era. That means you can gain the benefits of remote monitoring no matter what irrigation system you have.

Keeping an eye on irrigation performance allows you to maximize yield output and crop performance. Real-time alerts sent directly to your mobile phone or computer let you react promptly to issues in the field, saving time and labor – no more need to drive to your pivots to check on them, you can even monitor pressure performance with an optional pressure transducer.

FieldNET Pivot Watch makes remote irrigation management more accessible than ever. It’s like having a hired hand who never sleeps.


Keep an eye on your fields without actually being there


Remotely manage and control pivots, laterals, and more.

Analyze & Apply

Delivers continuously updated irrigation recommendations based on your crops, your fields, your weather – and lets you implement plans with the touch of a button.

Why Choose FieldNET?

Real-time system updates

Round-the-clock visibility into your pivot’s performance increases efficiency and helps you make better-informed irrigation scheduling decisions.

DIY installation

Save money by installing it yourself –simply strap to span pipe.

Access to FieldNET Advisor®

The option to add FieldNET Advisor – our award-winning irrigation scheduling tool that delivers the information you need to decide when, where and how much to irrigate.

Low maintenance

Operating off solar power, it requires little to no maintenance while reducing the carbon footprint and energy costs.

Universal compatibility

Easily mounts to any brand or age of pivot.

Affordable for any grower

FieldNET Pivot Watch is only $299, including a first-year FieldNET® subscription*;$399 with pressure transducer.

*Annual FieldNET subscription is $100 per year after first year.


Whatever your irrigation needs might be, we are standing by to help. For advice or a free estimate, please call us today at (218) 346-7246.